Postgres database upgrade

This is a notice for those who are operating their own Speckle server and plan on upgrading to the latest available commit.

This will only affect you if you plan to upgrade your server to a version greater than 2.9.0, and will otherwise not affect normal operation of your server. This affects servers installed following Speckle’s manual setup guide, DigitalOcean 1-click setup guide, or via Speckle’s docker-compose files available in our GitHub repository.

This does not affect servers installed on Kubernetes.

Description of change

We will be updating Speckle Server’s source code for docker-compose (including DigitalOcean 1-click deployments) to upgrade the version of Postgres database. This is necessary in order to continue to remain on supported and patched versions of Postgres, and benefit from recent new features. You can read more about Postgres’ versioning policy on Postgres’ website.

The current version of Postgres we define in our source code is version 13, the change will upgrade this to version 14.

Required action

If you are upgrading to Speckle Server version 2.9.0 or below, no action is required.

If you plan to upgrade your Speckle Server to the latest commit available on the Speckle Server repository on GitHub, this change will require you to undertake a backup of the database prior to upgrading. Full documentation of the required steps are provided as a Speckle guide.

Any questions? - please do post them below!