Possible to Run 'GH Sender' based on input boolean?


Just wondering if it is possible o run/activate the ‘Sender’ component based on a boolean.
Or am I correct that it is only possble to run ‘always’ or ‘manually’ click preference. (latter has my preference, but a boolean input would also be great) so you can parametrically determine when the component has to run ( and when not).
Any suggestions?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Unless i’m wrong, that’s a 1.0 component! You should defo give 2.0 a try: Zero to Speckle ASAP | Speckle Docs

It’s a good feature request though - this boolean toggle doesn’t exist in 2.0 either. We’ll think about it!

PS: Happy new year, soon enough :confetti_ball:

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@GH007 I think you should be able to use stream gate for that:

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This ends up being a very common pattern - especially if the boolean is also the result of a computation

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Hi Dimitri,

Happy new year :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply.
Ahh oke I am already looking forward to it ;).

It was a speckle 1.0 component yes.
I started making the transition to 2.0.

Will post some more questions on the transition on this forum probably. (new tread)

Thanks again!