Possible to load JPEG-files to Speckle?


is it possible to load JPEG-files to Speckle?

Hey, @David_96, what do you want/expect to happen with the JPEGs?

  • Technically, yes, we have a REST API endpoint that allows for the upload of any arbitrary data, but I suspect that isn’t what you meant.

  • Are you hoping to see the JPEGs as materials on objects? We don’t yet have the details settled on textures just yet, but we’re getting there

  • Do you want to view the JPEGs in the 3D viewer somehow arbitrarily?

Tell me more.


Yes, would be very nice to be able to add JPEG-files to the 3D-viewer to show it as an “Underlay”. Maybe I can use qGis instead, I will look it up.

That was my last resort suggestion effectively mapping a jpeg to a Mesh is the only way we support this - if you have access to Rhino Grasshopper this might be the most straightforward method or QGIS as you mentioned.