Possibility to Send a URL that captures the view and filters?

Hi Speckle Team

Another one on viewers from me - not sure if this is really for help or for features and ideas.

Is there a way to capture a “view” of the model via URL - i.e. setting up certain filters and a view of the model then send this to a client?

When you select an object and add a comment, this seems to capture that information quite well so when you return to the comment it keeps all the setup (we love this btw).

But is it possible to somehow have that same function without selecting anything?

It used to be possible in the legacy web app through the URL, but the data loads frequently exceeded acceptable URL lengths, so it couldn’t be relied upon.

As you note, commenting still works the same way, but now the cameras, federations, and filters are stored as metadata in the comment.

Before going down the route of investigating if a URL shorter might encapsulate a comment-less comment operation, is there a reason why the commenting route is not useful for you?

Commenting would work fine but is there a way to have a comment that relates to the whole model somehow? Rather than having to select a part to assign a comment to?

We couldn’t find an “add discussion” or “add comment” button without selecting something.

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@jonathon that totally works when there are no existing discussions… but once you have some then the button is no longer present. For example…

Aha - You are right!

I can check that in as a (missing) feature request.

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Thank you sir! That would be really helpful as a tool to send those more global views with filters that are useful to have!

Hey @jjsolly. We will be properly supporting shareable views later this year so you don’t need to hack your way around it with comments. You will be able to save views of your model incl. the camera angle, filters etc. etc., name the views, and share them. The feature will likely also include any views coming from connectors. I can’t say exactly when this will be available, but I’ve noted down to ping you when it’s ready!


Thanks @benjavo that sounds great!

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