PointCloud Colors / Display


I’m currently trying to pass PointCloud data to Speckle.

I can send points and colors to Speckle, but I’m struggling with:

  • display: if data view is not expanded, I can’t display pointcloud. By default when landing on speckle, nothing is displayed. If I use filter by object type, pointcloud is entirely white (as it is selected, I can get it)
  • colors: it’s not exactly colors sent (a little bit of extra blue?)

Am I missing something somewhere?


Welcome @Choochoote and I see from your intro post we might reach out to have lovely rebar discussions in the near future :smiley:

Can you tell us a little more about where you are sending PC data Speckle from?

Are you able to share a link to a model you have uploaded? Thanks

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Hi @jonathon

Rebars have been my closest friends for 10 years. Do not hesitate :wink:

I am sending data from TopSolid 717 Connector, just added lately PointCloud handling.

Here is the commit I can share: https://speckle.xyz/streams/b920636274/commits/8df6496749

Topics are:

  • colors are weird
  • no visualization until “expand data” button is clicked




Perfect, Ive sent an access request for the stream. I suspect one of the web / viewer team would like to do so too.

We look forward to working with you all at Topsolid more closely.

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Hi @Choochoote

Thank you for reporting this. There was an issue on our end regarding point cloud vertex colours when using inherited render materials. The issue is now fixed on https://latest.speckle.dev/

However the stream you provided has something you need to change before it can properly display the point clouds. You renderMaterials have an almost 0 opacity as you can see in the image


This makes the point clouds completely transparent.



Hi @alex

it looks better now :slight_smile:

Big thanks!