PDF/Views and sheets sharing

Hi all, I am new and understanding little bit more about how to exchange information by using this platform, however I am wondering how we can share views/sheets, what could be the strategy to do that?!. I have just read the documentation, and this is the only thing I am missing.

Welcom @David_Andres_Torres its good to have you here. If you like we love for you to Introduce yourself

If you’ll indulge me I’d like to know a little more about what you are looking to replicate.

Not wishing to presume too much but based on the terminology you’ve used are we talking about Revit Views and Sheets? Speckle doesn’t currently provide a transmittal feature for sharing these.

Speckle is a platform that allows you to; share data-rich 3D elements authored in any of the platforms we support with any of the others, automate some of your design and collaboration workflows and allow you to get insights on your data at rest.

With the last of these we DO enable you to embed views of and interrogate your data in other media.

Does any of that hit close to your request?

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Hi!, thank you so much for answering,
Maybe not exactly “views” inside the model because as far as I understand that we are sharing within speckle is row data, which is read and transformed by other software, however what if I want to share PDF’s or 2D drawings (our industry is still driven by those files) should I create a server in parallel to host all these binary information? or what do you suggest that is a good strategy to share that kind of information. Thank you again, I would be amazed to participate actively in speckle.

While you are able to attach files to comments in the 3D viewer that may add context to the comment being made, the ability to share ‘traditional media files’ as if it were a dropbox is currently not a feature on the Speckle roadmap.

Are you looking for a way to package up information for Clients and/or Collaborators? The closest solution I can think we have demonstrated is where Speckle viewer can be embedded into a webpage or a Notion. If you host the PDFs & DWGs someplace and add them to the same page as links… it could sort of serve that purpose. However, I think we’re on a wide deviation from a practical solution there.

Open to suggestions or more detail on what you want to achieve.