Parameters of elements inside model groups

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In Revit we can choose between those two options when applying parameters to built elements. This setting applies when those elements are part of a model group. Depending on the chosen option, a parameter will basically be able to be modified “from outside” … or not.
It’s quite a tricky aspect, I know, but I also assume there are similar concepts in other softwares like e.g. ArchiCAD.

Is there a plan to reflect that in the uploaded Speckle data?

We already have the properties isTypeParameter, isReadOnly and isShared, but those cover other (additional) topics.
Should there be something like isGroupParameter (similar to isTypeParameter)?

All this gets super relevant, when trying to change parameters using the ParameterUpdater object/commit and wanting to know up front if certain parameters of certain elements are even editable or not (back in Revit).

This is a very useful insight within your question. Generally speaking, we are a little ambivalent or “silent” about groups in Revit (others too)

I suspect we are not making this distinction right now, but we can certainly check to confirm.

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