Parameter name of shared parameters in 'filter'

First of all, WOW :star_struck:
very smooth intuitive UI.
for usability: would be great if the property here, is actually the property name, instead of the parameter reference of the database


This is one of those not quite finished areas :speckle: :heart:

Good afternoon. This question has also become a primary concern for me at the moment. I would like to propose a solution.

Is there a possibility to recursively go through the parameter names, taking the name from the parameter’s hierarchy? This way, we would always have access to the parameter by name through a filter, or at least set up the filter search based on hierarchy?

As you can see in the first screenshot, the web interface correctly retrieves the names of the parameters (number 1), but in the search engine, they still have a GUID.

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Hi Niko. Thanks for reporting! This problem is already on our short term roadmap to fix. Will let you know here when the fix is live :).


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