Open Buildings Design - Can't see the Plugin in the App

Dear Speckle community,

I’m trying the connection with the Bentley Tools and I’m having issues seeing the Speckle 2 tab in Open Building designer (no problem with MicroStation). Version is (Update 3)

The connector is installed, where shall it visibile? (I was expecting to appear as “Speckle 2 tab” in any of these:

Can you give more clarification in the tutorial/guidance on the Open Buildings/Open Rail/Open Roads?


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Hey @camnebim !

I’m afraid the current release is only for Open Buildings v8.
Since the connector is maintained by Arup, I’ll ping @JdB in case he’s aware of any workarounds or has any other updates on this.

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Thanks Matteo for the tag. There should indeed be a Speckle tab like this:

I’m using this version:

Not sure if your version is supported. @tlmn do you know if version is (Update 3) is supported?

The OpenBuildings connector was developed for Update 6. Since Bentley is constantly adding new API layers, I am pretty sure Update 3 doesn´t work…


thank @tlmn and all for the prompt response. I’ll try on a Legacy version (V8) will see If can deploy the latest updates.