Only some Revit linked models are sent to Speckle

Hello, everybody!

I’m trying to get a Revit model inside Power BI but I’m having some trouble regarding linked models.
What happens is that only some of the links are exported to Speckle (and yes, the “Send linked models” checkbox is activated and the links are visible in the exported view).

I don’t know if it has something to do with the way these links are used in the model:

  • it is a building like a hotel
  • there are some unique linked models (like the façades model) that seem to export ok
  • there are other several-instanced models of different room types (each type is its own revit model) that are copied along the project. These are the ones not being exported.

I am sending some images to show what I have in the revit model and what appears in the Speckle model:
A - revit model
A_2 - revit model with (1) the link of the façades / (2) some room links
B - speckle model
B_2 - speckle model with (1) the link of the façades / (2) no rooms links

The Revit connector version is 2.17.0, and the Revit version is 2024 (although I also tried in 2023 and the same happened). I tried also in both ACC and by downloading and using exclusively local files…

I thank you in advance for your attention.

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Hey Pedro,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

It appears that there are multiple instances of the same linked file in the document, which is currently not supported. We have a ticket for this issue and will hopefully include a fix in the upcoming releases.


Hi Bilal! Thank you so much for your answer and congratulations on the software, by the way. It’s amazing and if you can address that issue in the upcoming releases it will gfit like a glove in this workflow, that depends on having multiple instances of the same link.

Do you have any ideia of an interval of when that might be? Thanks.

Have a great year!

Hi again, dear @gokermu, is there any news about this subject?

I have checked, and it is still a backlog item - it is not included in the current sprint, which had focussed on greater compatibility across connectors and the web.

We can keep you posted when it hits a release sprint.

Hi @jonathon thanks for the reply. Yes please, that would be appreciated, since there are multiple projects we are depending on binding every link instance before exporting to speckle adn for us this would be a huge time saver… Thanks!