Objects in wrong possition after publishing to speckle

Hi! im running in to an issue after publishing a model to speckle.

the instances that have problems are related to the a mass instance (loaded fam).

In revit they have this location:

In speckle they show like this

any ideas what could be the issue ?


Hi @Ricardo_Zepeda

Could you possibly provide an example stream where this issue is happening so we can properly investigate?


sure here is the link Speckle

i can share the family too if needed


Thanks @Ricardo_Zepeda

If you could share with us the Revit project I can give it a test.

Sure here is the project

revit model

anything else that may help let me know


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Hi @Ricardo_Zepeda ! @connor and I just fixed some Revit instance bugs for the upcoming 2.15 release, and it looks like this misplaced element will be fixed with those changes. I did a quick test with the file you provided:

In revit:

In the speckle viewer:


I feel we have a rather similar problem :no_mouth::Revit models are separated

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Thanks ! will try it out! can you share a light on why the problem happends ? i had it in previous projects too

yep seems like the same thing, let me know if the next release helps solve your issue

That was probably due to some changes we did to the logic behind instances, you can read about it here: New in 2.14: Revit Element Instances

Since Revit’s API is not very consistent, we probably missed something :slight_smile:

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Hi, I get the same problem but with the 2.14.4 version.

Check these topic :

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Import in Tekla