Incorrect import - export in Tekla

Hi, I try to import a fresh exported model from Revit inside Tekla but it doesn’t work as intended.

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When I got to Tekla (using the last 1.13.x connector version because of this topic ) and import my model it create me a structure that don’t look like what i see on Specke commit web page.
First import does nothing so I successfully done it by using “Import as Mesh” option.

After importing this I tried to send it back to Speckle just for testing and here is the messages I got when trying to export model with “everything” and “current selection” selection mode. Everytime I get an error.



I tried to export a simple column and it seems work with Tekla model :

I don’t ask for answers because I think it’s just some bugs. Take it just as a report :slight_smile:

Hey @Thomas-Lcp, thanks for the detailed report - the Tekla connector is in its early days, but we’ll definitely investigate.

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