No Update, only Create

When importing existing elements I cannot set the dropdown menu to Update (or Ignore for that matter), only Create, resulting in duplicated instances of the same object when receiving.
I am using the latest connector as of this writing.

The same applies to the Archicad connector!

Could you please help.


Hi @rorototo, I think we haven’t gotten yet to implement update-in-place for Rhino. Which is a bit of an oversight, as Speckle 1.0 did have this feature going :smiley:

I believe this is tracked here:

Rhino will be a priority!

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Thank you @dimitrie for the quick reply.
I think - to me at least - the updating of existing objects is the most important as that is something one can’t do in other ways such as exporting into fbx or whatever 3D formats and then importing it to another software.
Speckle will hopefully be great at this, currently I miss this functionality in Rhino, Archicad and Blender, the programs I use daily.
It would be a dream come true to have fluent connections between all three.
For instance AC gives the architectural base, Rhino gives custom 3D models and Blender does the visuals without having to reassign materials, change layer structure etc.


Thanks for the detailed explanation! We’ll try to push this for v2.9 :slight_smile:


And then a testimonial can read: Speckle makes my dreams come true!