No transparency while overlaying commits

Hi jnoathon! I’m so glad you shared this post ( Federating Speckle Models - News & Updates / Tutorials - Speckle Community). It’s awesome! I have a question though. I noticed that the viewer properties like transparency are not working properly when overlaying multiple commits (case 1).
Am I missing something?

Hi @jan-casas - could you show us via a screenshot or reproducible link? Transparency is really difficult to support properly in the multitude of data sources it can come from, so we do expect some artefacts.

PS: Jonathon is on holidays until next week, so he might be slower to respond in the meantime, but maybe we’ll be able to help!

Oops, I’m so sorry.
There is a problem with the background and also the properties of autoloading described in case 1 of the link.
Here are some screenshots. The first one works perfectly with one commit, but when overlaid with another, it fails.
To create the URL in python i used:

Hmmm. If not private, could you send me the embed link (or the link to the project)?

PS: You can also DM me!

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Dimitrie solved the issue.
The true/false must be in lowercase. :man_facepalming:

embed_url = f"{stream_id}&commit={commit_ids[0]}&overlay={overlay}&transparent=true&autoload=true&hidecontrols=false&hidesidebar=true&hideselectioninfo=false"