New! Speckle PowerBI Connector

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Thanks for the updates to PowerBI. I have tested 0.0.5 version this afternoon, and it successfully connects to the branch of my stream. Immensely useful now for updating dashboards for visualising design (here’s visualising results from GSA)


Hi @Joe_Landers!!

That’s great! I’m glad you find it usefull!

I’m actually coding up today the last details for a new release that also brings better error handling and reporting, more available Speckle functions (like passing your own GraphQL query and getting back the result) and some UI improvements!

I’ll ping the community here once it’s ready. And as always, we look forward to your feedback once it’s released!


Look at those charts :boom:!
Let us know if you’d like to share a tutorial/blog post/case study at some point, we’d love to feature it on our website :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Just wanted to let you guys know we’ve just released v0.0.6 of the PowerBI connector!

You won’t notice much has changed since the previous version, the main advantage is that we’re doing our best to catch any errors, so you won’t get cryptic NULL error messages anymore :crossed_fingers:t3:

Feel free to download it from here: Release v0.0.6 · specklesystems/speckle-powerbi · GitHub

We’ve already planned some next steps, I’ll post a message about them right below so they can be discussed as much as necessary :wink:

Hope to see more cool dashboards coming our way!

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Sorry for the spam… but @SQMalik reported a bug in the connector that was an easy fix, so I just released version 0.0.7 on our GitHub repo.

We’re trying to polish the last details to consider the PowerBI connector stable, so we’d appreciate any feedback or bug reports :slight_smile:

Grab the latest release from here Release v0.0.7 · specklesystems/speckle-powerbi · GitHub

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Hi All, just wondering if there is anything in the pipeline for connecting to private streams in PowerBI?

Hi All, Im new to this space. I have followed the comments above regarding connecting a Speckle stream to Power BI but cant seem to connect my data. The stream is public but Power BI keeps telling me Im not authorised and unable to connect. Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

This is the stream URL.


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Hi @Ricardo_Strinati !
Welcome to the forum and to Speckle :slight_smile: !

Can you please confirm these are the steps you’re following and that you have the latest version of the connector?


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Hi @teocomi

I am trying to get my (public stream) in Powerbi, but I keep getting the “you are not authorized” message. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance! I followed all the steps as per your video.

BR, Bart

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@Bart-Jan_van_der_Gaa @Ricardo_Strinati

We’ve tracked this issue and we’ll look into it asap! You could actually try to make the stream private, as @AlanRynne suggests in this post, in the meantime as a workaround and see if it works:


Hello @clrkng, I have been following up on this post and just checking if connector authentication work with the private stream by now? Thanks

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Yes, it does.
Season 9 Yes GIF by Friends

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HI Dear

i have the same problem !!!

by set the token, problem solved …

in other problem, every time we open the visual, shapes downloaded and its takes time …

is there any way to use the stream offline?

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Great to hear!
Unfortunately it does not support offline usage, unless you deploy a local server.

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how can i deploy a local server?

This is easier if you are already familiar with deploying docker containers to your local network/machine.


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