New! Speckle PowerBI Connector

Hi @Community

We’ve got an alpha release ready for our new PowerBI connector!

We’d love feedback on what Power BI power users would like to see with this new Speckle connector, which currently only supports the most basic of data import operations: plug in your Speckle stream, branch, or commit URL and watch your commit data come in with Power BI’s built in data filtering functionality.

We’re looking for insights and suggestions on:

  • :mag_right: What Speckle data you’d find most useful
    Currently the connector pulls in data from your most recent commit on the main branch (stream url), the most recent commit on your specified branch (branch url), or the specified commit (commit url). Do you care about geometry information, or is it annoying to have to filter those out? Do you want to see stream statistics? Etc.

  • :running_woman: Interface navigation feedback
    Would additional stream or branch navigation options be useful for typical Speckle → Power BI data import workflows?

Here’s some sample data from a pipe network sent from Civil 3D, imported into Power BI:

See the repo below with instructions on how to run it locally:

Note: chunked data currently is not automatically de-chunked when received, we are aware of this limitation and are working to resolve it!

Drop any comments here, or shoot us a private message for in depth discussions!


Hi @clrkng, this is amazing! I can think of loads of use cases for this :star_struck:
I was just curious, how feasible or realistic is it for Speckle to support a PowerBI vector graphics viewer component, much like what Tracer has developed?


I have tried connecting a Speckle stream to Power BI, but I can’t figure out if the URL I’m trying to import is invalid, or if I need a different type of access token, but I get this error:Screenshot 2021-09-10 092518

When I type Edit, it just shows me the URL I have typed in:

Welcome @bcall ! For now, the connector authentication only works with public streams - let me know if you’re still getting that error after toggling your stream to public!

Thanks @Guus ! I suspect it would be quite a bit of work (read: maybe feasible but not currently realistic) to make a custom interactive 3D visual in Power BI. As far as I’m aware, that could require translating speckle geometry to 3d lines via R scripts in Power BI, or perhaps a hack using geometry display meshes.

It would be an amazing feature however, @AlanRynne may have some thoughts on this and whether or not it would be worth a shot!

Hi @clrkng , thank you for the warm welcome!

I switched my stream to public, but still get the same error.Screenshot 2021-09-10 104927

So, do you mean to say that there is no way to connect to private streams? Or is that just if I am using an authenticator?

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Should be fixed now! Released a new version on Github :slightly_smiling_face:

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