New Connectors Request - Prota Structure & Robot Structural Analysis


Can you please make

  1. Connector for PROTA STRUCTURE so that INTEGRATION WITH REVIT, ETABS, TSD will be easy



Hey @HARIRAMA welcome to the Speckle community. Thanks for the suggestions.

  1. I don’t see any mechanism for addons for Prota softwares; it seems they rely on their own Protahub and in-house features for interoperability. There are other softwares that connect with Speckle in a similar situation where the vendors themselves have seen the value such an integration can bring. It requires the vendors own action to do so. Most recently the awesome Giraffe team have done so.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Robot, it is a relatively older software, but stable and something we’ve heard a few requests for recently.

Other than just conversions Speckle brings many other benefits. The recent addition of Advanced Steel has been brought into the fold as a Community developed Connector largely motivated to harness some of those benefits over and above simple X->Y conversion. If Robot doesn’t make it to the near term Speckle roadmap maybe some motivated souls might take it on.