New Connector Request - Vectorworks

Count me in. Any news on that community-contributed connector @teocomi ?

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I’ve spoken with the team; they are running slower than hoed. It turns out the storage things Vectorworks does with its internal version of python are not helpful.

I can put you in touch if you have experience in Vectorworks plugin development.


I don’t unfortunately, but thanks for the update Jonathon.

If I look at me,
I would say 95% of typical VW users are very good in clicking Icons,
but hardly can use a keyboard to write any code, or know what that is.

The rest has deep inside into Vectorworks App, can click Icons AND can
write scripts. And some of them can even write plugins.

Quite different to Autocad and its derivates users,
for me it looks like at least 30% of them can write LISP scripts

I wonder who the VW Connector Community is, as there wasn’t any
hint on the VW Forums or any reaction to questions about possible
Speckle Support.
(VW Architecture, Landmark or Spotlight users ?)

Nice to hear that they are still working on a VW Connector.
Very welcome !

It would be so great if we could better collaborate between Vectorworks
(my personal list) and

  • Bricscad
  • Blender
  • Revit
  • IFC
  • Unreal
  • Twinmotion
  • USD

Vectorworks! I often work with Rhino Users and it would be great to work real time together

BTW, are there any news ?

Not from us but you would hear it here first.

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6 months later any news or slight vibes that the community project is still trying ?

Pity, but even knowing that a VW Speckle connector meanwhile is unlikely
to impossible would be helpful.
Information that it is still in the works but will maybe need much more time
would be better though.

Last I heard was that while there is an in-built Python API, many of the core Python functionalities are wrapped with VW-specific classes and the naked interfaces block - principally the HTTP stack, etc.

I know no further information if it is possible/impossible.

I’ll ping my Nemetschek contacts again.

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Thanks Jonathon.

I don’t have great expectations.
But still much interest in any news or rumors.

Strange that especially all commercial Software that I license and use,
does not offer the same excitement for Speckle as I do …

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Does Speckle integrate with VectorWorks?


Hi @machiel, unfortunately not. It’s also the first time it’s been requested! I’ve used vectorworks a lot in a past life as an architect, can’t say i was a big fan as a user - but that’s not the point :slight_smile:

We’ll look into it, and let’s hope there will be more voices asking for it (helps with the prioritisation of our tasks)!

I agree, it’s not been the most widely discussed software I’ve dealt with when talking to our clients.
I was more asking on a curiosity level to see if there will be something a long that line of integration as I can see the potential of VectorWorks as a design tool (like grasshopper & rhino or even sketchup) and transferring the 3D geometry to relevant Revit families for documentation.

FYI, this isn’t a high priority item so you don’t have to push this type of integration.

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Hi, I’m a Vectorworks user and I’m discovering Speckle just since a few days. Still, it looks very promising to me and I think the ability to use it with/from Vectorworks would be really interesting!


Count me in for Vectorworks too.

You have already covered many of the major CAD/BIM systems amont the connectors, but Vectorworks seems to be missing for now.

Yes that would be great.

But it looks like VW (as well as Bricscad) aren’t interested at all in
offering any Speckle Support.

I learned that at least for VW there was a Speckle support approach
by a “community”. But if I got that correct, struggling heavily with
VW’s APIs.


Climate change ?