New Connector Request - Tekla Structural Designer (TSD)

My company uses ‘Tekla Structural Designer’ (not Tekla Structures). Has there been any discussion around adding this connector?


Purely for my education, how do the two products differ?

sorry, just saw this. (I’m a architect turned computational designer, so I had to google):
“TEKLA STRUCTURES is a BIM software whereas TEKLA STRUCTURAL DESIGNER is a Structural Analysis and design software.”

Our company does traditional structural design of buildings, so all the cool stuff that i see with TSD we never need to do. for example, we don’t design the connections, only provide the loads and member sized using a tool like Tekla Structures. Then a subcontractor that wins the project will design the connections using a tool like TSD. I wish we used TSD because of all the cool computational tools it has, but in reality we dont really need those much. (again, not a structural engineer, just going off what I think we do :smile: )

@RJCoolpix880 This is the first time I’ve heard of TSD. What exactly is your goal? Do you want to design in Teckla Structure and be able to export to Teckla Structural Designer?

Because the two software are already connected and can communicate with each other without needing Speckle. You could simply use the Speckle connector for Teckla and use this software to bridge between TSD.

We don’t own tekla structures, its a separate license and tool. What we are wanting to do is the ‘normal’ speckle thing. eg: in to Rhino, or Revit or whatever we want.

For example, we could use the TSD geometry in rhino as a placeholder for design. Maybe in grasshopper we could create a schematic structural design and then have it validated in TSD. Or maybe we can take a design from TSD, and bring it into Rhino for doing some carbon analysis. Stuff like that.

Ah, I see, so you want to have a Speckle connector for TSD that works the same way as the Etabs and other structural connectors. I understand your need. It would indeed make sense to have a connector for the Teckla suite as well then.

Im curious, Is TSD widely used in your market area ? I wonder how much this connector would be used and if it is worth developing.