New Connector Request - Quadri

In Norway we use Quadri(Trimble) in 95% of ours road projects, so it would be amazing to have the posibiliti to use Speckle with this software! :slight_smile:

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Hi Adrian, welcome to these parts, and thanks for the suggestion!

How would you use a Speckle connector for Quadri? To and from wich other software would you be exchanging data?
Would you also use it for data visualization/collaboration/analytics?

I also looked online briefly and didn’t seem to find many resources about an API for Quadri, do you know if it’s possible to build plugins for it?

Hi again,

I am working as BIM coordinator, creating federated models in Quadri for interdiscplinary controll. So my idea is to send modells from “mainly” Civil3D and tekla/rhino to Quadri using speckle.
Yes i am pretty sure that it is posible to create plugins for it… but i dont know how open they are … i know they have already what they call Quadri Connectors… that allows Quadri to talk with grasshopper,sketchup, Civil, revit… and others…

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If you have a good contact with them, perhaps they would like to talk to us to expand on their in-house Connectors development portfolio to include Speckle.

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Hei Jonathon,

I think they may be interested, i can write some epost and hear what they think about this idea :slight_smile: