New Connector Request: Fidelity, Paraview and Tecplot

I am a naval architect and I work for a consultancy company that specializes in numerical simulations. One issue we have is usually the comunication between CAD (Rhino+GH) and Mesher Software (Hexpress/Fidelity) and also between visualization software (paraview and tecplot) and rendering software such as Blender.

I know it is a bit outside your current market but it would be a game changer for the our field if you could do this connector

3D data is our business so interesting suggestions @jfneves.

The first question will always be: Does this software support the development of 3rd party plugins that access their internal APIs? If not, the work will need to be from the vendor themselves.

The follow-up, if they can support plugins, is how strong is the user community around them. We are near capacity for maintaining and improving the Connectors we have, but can always support others in their work to build Speckle integrations.

And lastly, an understanding of what the workflow looks like using the software you describe. Is it one-way, single-time or back-and-forth and iterative?

Speckle already supports the other endpoints you mention Rhino/GH <> Blender so if either of these acts as a bridge currently, a workflow that utilises the other aspects of Speckle can still be brought to bear. e.g. Version Control, online viewer, collaboration, automation and analysis.

Thank you Jonathan for you reply,

So regarding the the workflows:

  1. One way - CAD to meshing software
  2. One way - Numerical visualization software to Blender

It would be perfect to have it iterative from CAD to CFD (use the results as input for CAD changes based on design goals/constrains) but I guess that could be done with Dakota software on top of Speckle.

Regarding the software:

  1. Meshing:
    Fidelity/Hexpress (from Cadence) is closed source but they have plugins for Rhino and are very open to collaboration.

  2. Flow visualization:
    Paraview is opensource and has a reasonably sized community I believe.
    Tecplot is closed source but they are very open to collaborations, I had a talk with them because of blender a few month ago because they wanted to add export capabilities.

@jonathon is this relevant for speckle? I still think you have a niche here. Very interesting concept you’re developing

Do reach out to any relevant user groups and get them to mash the Vote button :blue_square::heart_eyes: