New Connector Request- Adobe


I must say, this platform is truly impressive! I was wondering if there are any plans to include Adobe programs like Dimension, After Effects, and Substance in the future?

Welcome to the community @Motty_Muller & thanks for the suggestion!

Our focus, for now, is 3D software, prioritizing the ones used in AEC.

Hi there! Would it be possible for you to include these software programs in the future?

Hi @Motty_Muller,

Thank you for your suggestions and interest in expanding the list of supported software!

In essence, while Speckle does facilitate file conversions, our raison d’être is not merely to act as a conversion tool but to enable more accessible and efficient data workflows.

While we can’t promise specific software integrations, we continually evaluate the landscape based on user demand, the extensibility of the software in question, and our mission to make 3D data more accessible. It’s crucial to note that our ability to support additional software often depends on those platforms providing the necessary tools for integration.

As @teocomi said we’re primarily focused on supporting software used in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries for now, facilitating efficient workflows and data interoperability. It’s possible (probable) that as Speckle evolves and the needs of our users change, we may consider additional software that aligns with our core focus.

So, never say never! We appreciate your input and will definitely consider it as we continue to grow and develop.