Need extend more url to help user powerbi

Hi Speckle Team,

I think it is a good thing if we can support a URL like this :

I mean is url+ latest = latest commit :face_with_peeking_eye:

And this URL alway go to latest commit version, we don’t need to care about update URL more :grimacing: .

It is useful for everyone, easier to quick check latest commit and don’t need to care about get all commit and first index of commit in powerbi :sneezing_face:

Hi @chuongmep,

I just wanted to let you know that you can easily get the latest commit made to a specific branch or the main branch by providing the branch URL or Stream URL, respectively. This functionality is already available.

branchURL = returns latest commit made to that branch
streamURL = returns latest commit made to the main branch

I guess some user will confuse like me, can you quickly make an example with power bi ?

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Hey @chuongmep ,

Yes sure, I already covered than in below video. Please take a look👇:

Hi @gokermu, you loaded list of commit in this branch, I mean is how can we load a latest commit inside branch without select any commit in this list.

In my case, I just want to quickly load directly latest commit. :cry:

Hey @chuongmep ,

The Power BI connector is currently unable to load a list of commits. If you check the Commit Object IDs of the received data, you’ll notice that they are all the same. This happens because our Power BI connector handles URLs differently, and as a result, only a single commit is loaded. To learn more about this behaviour, please refer to the documentation for the Power BI connector.

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By default, this query will ALWAYS return the latest commit on a given branch.

= Speckle.GetByUrl("")

No need for /latest

Added caveat:
If it works here:

You will get the data you need. Copying from the browser version of the URL will be safest if you use any characters in branch names that would be urlencoded.

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Thank you, @gokermu, @jonathon for supported , I think a have solution for my self.