Navisworks to Revit - Consolidated geometry

Hi Dev team,

In Navisworks, you are able to select the specific elements / groups / collections that you want to send. I’d like to be able to select a group as an example, which contains sub-elements etc., and send it to Revit as a single geometry/element as opposed to the individual elements.

Is this currently possible? or would it be possible in the future as this would be extremely helpful.


Hey @J_Loay ,

Sorry for the late reply. This must’ve been slipped through the cracks. Unfortunately, converting grouped elements from Navis to Speckle as a single object is not supported. We will convert individual elements from Navis as individual elements in Speckle.

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As @gokermu says, my apologies for this being missed.

Could you describe the sorts of sub-elements you mean?

I know there are a few occasions in Navisworks that individual geometry types are split - it varies a lot on the source formats and what Navisworks does with these.

It would be great to see a few use cases/screenshots that we might consider for this workflow. It could be that independently of Revit, this could be an improvement when we next look at the Navisworks roadmap. It is currently VERY granular with lots of objects.

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