Navisworks Speckle greys out after use and Naviswork need to be restarted

Does anyone know why Speckle greys out in the ribbon after use in Navisworks basically stopping me from doing anything else model. I then need to be restarted Navis but that breaks link to model so I am un able to upload any other files to Speckle model.

any insight on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated. First day using Speckele

Hey @B.Kaiser, that doesn’t sound good.

Can you describe at what point that happened? Were you sending, cancelling a send, or just operating in the Speckle pane?

What options were selected at the time, source of data etc?

Can you confirm what version you have installed?

Does this happen every time?

I have looked into this more for you @B.Kaiser. Indeed I can replicate your issue, and it centres around the One-Click-Send function that I have thus far ignored. In a previous build, this deliberately errored as I have been somewhat defensive about it not, particularly the best way to use Navisworks in my opinion.

It seems the handling logic for that is a regression bug.

I recommend you use the Advanced Send (I like to think of it as Normal Send), and I will get a fix for this before 2.15 goes to stable.

Thanks for the report!!!

Thanks for the reply @jonathon I did realize this late in the day yesterday. Now I just need to get the Revit exporter working with some of the existing Dynamo packages I have installed, and I’ll be up and running.

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