Navisworks keeps crashing when i send data using speckle

Navisworks keeps crashing when i use Speckle to send data to the speckle server.
On Revit speckle works correctly but not on Navisworks 2023 please help


Thanks @Sibusiso_Melisizwe for giving it a whirl while in alpha.

To help us help you, are you able to share any more details about the crash?

Size of file?
Number/type of elements?
Can you share the Crash Report?
System version?
Alpha version?

Best of all, if you could package the NWD and we can try and repeat it.

Hey @Sibusiso_Melisizwe did you give it another go?

I have been having the same problem. I setup a search set for each discipline (ARC, MEP, etc) and for example, for the architectural model I have 7000 elements (the search set takes all Revit elements at the level of the category. When I try to make a stream to Speckle, it crashes. Oh, I´m using Navisworks Manage 2022.

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Apologies, there are some gremlins in the codes. While we are in alpha, I am trying to scope out all these instances. And tracking some as issues in the repo: bug(Navisworks): Crash on long idle session · Issue #2021 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

So far, it has been hard to pinpoint consistent causes.

This is worrying me… Crashing when you try to make a Stream or send to it?

Is it consistent? Is there a number of elements beneath which it doesn’t happen?

And then, I asked the same questions I put to @Sibusiso_Melisizwe.

And the community forum favourite…

Anything can be shared with me privately.


I tried segregating the number of elements again by discipline just leaving the ones that realy interest me. Because Navisworks has multiple representations for each object (the geometry, the type of family and the family instance in Revit for example). So now I actually managed to get the streams to work. Great!


The capability to handle large models is something I’m keen on improving. At some point, it just takes a while.

Like you, I have had the most success in segregating models and then federating them within Speckle. More to say on that process later.

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