Navisworks - Export with flipped coordinates

Hi all,

  • I installed version 2.17.0rc version on Navisworks Manage 2023 and Autocad 2022. I pushed some objects from NW to AC and this how it appears in the node


It looks like yz axis is being flipped? Is there any option or coordinates system in NW I shall check?


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Thankyou @cr.aecom

This seems like a regression (unlikely as NW has skipped an update in recent versions). Instead, early alpha versions also exhibited this. We tackled some of the instances and corrected them - the assumptions Navisworks makes in appending the first model sets the world spec in a particular orientation.

Sometimes, appending seemingly similar files in a different order removes the issue.

This is something we need to attend to so sample models that exhibit the issue would be extremely valued. If you could produce a minimal combo I’d love if you could share that with me.

Following up this topic, Is there a way, in the meantime, to flip manually the model orientation? I have also tried creating a NW file from the revit sample models and they’re still flipped whenever I send to Speckle this information both partially and everything.

Solving this issue would be so useful for coordination purposes =).


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We have merged a patch for this problem and it will be included in the 2.18 release.

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@cr.aecom apologies i should have pinged you with this update also.

hi Jonathan… i don’t see to experience this after the update, solved

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