Navisworks Duct Fittings Geometry Invisible

Hey Speckle Team

I’m running a variety of tests with Speckle. Currently am uploading data to Speckle from Navisworks 2024, then streaming to Blender. I’m running into two main issues:


  1. Fittings/Elbows not showing up between meshes once inside Blender. I’m guessing this may have to do with individual object size, but am not entirely sure.

  2. Upload/Receive Speeds are slow for me. About 16-45min for medium to large uploads ( one duct system for a single floor of a medium sized building). What are strategies to speed this up? It seems that personal computer processing speed made a slight difference but not by much. Internet is lighting fast as well.

It seems that the speed may be linked to meshes not showing up, as if the task is so intensive, there’s not enough power to render the small complex curved pieces… but just speculating, not too sure.


Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else, I’m a newbie on this platform. :sunglasses: Everything else about Speckle thus far is marvelous though. If these issues can be solved for me, I think Speckle is a winner for me!


Hey @Madoc_Pierce welcome aboard. Good to hear you testing the waters. Let’s try clear this roadblock.

Are the ducting components visible in the web viewer? Can you send a single one of those elements to Speckle, view it online, receive it in Blender?

Just trying to see where we can target resolution of this.

As always the more you can share with us (here in the post of via DM) the easier it is to help you.


Performance as your secondary issue is a general issue we are always working on. It encompasses several areas from UX, conversions in host, server interaction, viewer.

We can take each step one at a time. Some bottlenecks we can address, sometimes it’s the apps themselves. Again, source data is mega helpful.

Then @Madoc_Pierce feel free to introduce yourself if you like.

I’ve noticed an uptick in Navisworks to Blender and also Navis to Unity/Unreal. We’d love to know what use cases we are potentially helping as it helps us target improvements to help those directly, over and above chasing feature requests.

Hi Jonathon,

As of right now, I CAN see the elbows in the viewer. It just seems that once they get into Blender, something goes wrong.

My task is to currently retain BIM data of Navis exports and put into Blender. Im using that data to determine object attributes and apply accurate materials for rendering.

Any ideas on how to begin troubleshooting my issues from here?


That’s already very helpful clarification. The Blender team will appreciate maybe if you make a new project stream with problematic elements in and share that with us.

From there if something is not right in their creation I can seek to address it in Navis

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Here’s a sample of one of the exports I’ve pushed into Speckle.

Everything appears alright in the viewer, but then the disappearing happens once going into Blender.


Stream URL:

Commit URL:

Let me know what comes after further investigation!

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Thanks for the commit,
It was very helpful in reproducing the issue.

The problem is Blender has the requirement that collections are named uniquely.
This means that all of the geometry gets converted, it just doesn’t get linked to a Blender collection that’s in the current scene.
I’ll investigate our options here, as this assumption clearly this breaks Navis → Blender workflows.

I think I’ll handle this the same way Blender handles this when duplicating collections, by appending a number to the collection name. e.g.
my collection, my collection.001, my collection.002, etc.

I’ll let you know when I have a fix to try out.

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Thanks for checking on this!

Let me knows what comes of it and see if it fixes my problem.

Such is the universe, this just came up with another user too. so we get solve EVERYONE’s problem

Hi @Madoc_Pierce

I have released an alpha version of the Blender connector that should resolve this issue.
You can download this version from Manager by enabling “show pre-releases” and downloading 2.16.0-alpha2

If you have the chance to check it out , please do let me know the result.