Navisworks connector nowhere to be found


What should I do if after installing the connector I still cannot see Speckle in Navisworks anywhere?

Are there any workarounds?

I use Navisworks 2024, and the latest version connector.

When installing did you do so from Manager or standalone installer?

Do you see the installed bundle at either:




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Hi Jonathon,

Thank you for your quick reply.

First: I did not even know or try to install from the standalone. I used the manager. As a side note, I don’t think I’ve seen any guidance on how to install this connector.

Funny thing about Manager since we talked about it: is it normal that I need to use the executable every time I want to run it? It is not installed after running the .exe, so if I close it or each time I restart my machine I must go through the same installation process.

Sorry for the derail, now back to Navisworks.

Both of those folders you mention don’t have anything with Speckle in it.

I just removed the connector from the Manager and installed it again.

I have restarted my machine several times since then.

Still nothing, what to do?

There is something unique with the security setting on your machine, perhaps?

Speckle Manager is predominantly a tasktray-hosted application. You can operate it in a docked or floating condition. It should load to the task tray on startup once installed.

The two paths I gave represent the locations Speckle Connector for Navisworks might install for All Users or Single Users. If there is nothing in there, then the installation did not succeed.

The guidance is pretty much - use Manager. The standalone installers allow for IT setups that block the Manager in some way, where an IT policy is defined for an organisation for new machine images, etc.

If you had any Windows (dotnet) applications (Rhino, Revit, Navis, Tekla…) open running while you tried installing Connectors for the others, the installation would not have succeeded.

But you should have seen something like this in that case.

Clicking Speckle Connector for Navisworks will launch a dockable pane.

@BIMvoice Could you share (via DM) the Logs produced by Manager after the installation process completes.


I don’t find any Speckle folder in the Roaming folder.

It must be the fact that Manager it’s not properly installed…

Is there any manual way to do this?

Individual installers are available here:


Thank you very much for your help!

Great we have you working.

To complete this thread for future seekers.

Speckle Manager will always install Connectors Per User, so if you run/install Manager itself as Admin, it may not be the experience you are seeking, and it may not install at all (lots of permutations)

So, If you have an IT setup that disallows Users to install locally as a User, a recommendation is to use our standalone installers and, when prompted, install for All Users. Depending on your It setup, this may need machine Administrator rights.