Navisworks 2023 connector fails to send large files

Hi community,

Sending a large file from navis 2023 failed!
However the same model sent in chunks worked pretty well, just wanted you to know!

Welcome back to Speckle community @christiandimitri - we’ve missed you.

Which version of the SpeckleNavisworks connector did you use?
Did the connector report anything more specific to you to say why it failed?
Did sending the same large file again after all the individual chucks were sent succeed?

At which point in the process did the send fail?
How many elements was the model size it attempted to send?

These are all data points that can help us improve the connector’s performance in future.

Hi @jonathon , thanks
I used SpeckleNavisworks connector 2.18.4

To collect details at this level, I will need a couple days to do so,
but in the meantime, I can tell that at 50% of its process it failed many times for an amout of items more or less around 30K element, The message was only that it failed to send …
I hope this helps in the meantime, otherwise please insist and I can provide more detailed information to help improve the performance of the tool