Native VR models

The PICO, and I assume other VR goggles have native formats that make navigation smoother and independent of having a machine around to connect to the modeler. The PICO navigation and rendering is pretty respectable for reasonable sized models. Of course, one can break down larger projects into areas that are somewhat independent and make it easier, say at 500 square meters each.

Are you asking for Speckle to ingest PICO format data, or produce it?

To produce it. The goal would be to have a free standing, workstation independent, presentation just using the VR goggle.

Their own default 3D scenes are not very complicated nor very smooth, but it is sufficient for basic stereoscopic presentations of projects without needing a machine with a dedicated graphics card.

A big project can be broken up into important areas for specific presentation/study.

Hopefully this is clear and also that PICO and other proprietary VR goggle formats are public.