Multiple Avenues to Contribute to Speckle Beyond Just Code

@Community As your Developer Advocate, I have the unique pleasure of interacting with many of you, developers and non-developers alike. Whether as individuals or as representatives of the organizations you work with and the projects you manage, there’s a heartwarming recurring theme I’ve noticed in our conversations. As we sign off on calls, many express a desire to give back to this amazing project we’re all a part of.

Today, I want to shine a light on this sentiment and underscore that there are so many ways to contribute to Speckle, extending far beyond code:

  1. Documentation & Guides:

“I found the Speckle documentation so helpful. We developed a best practice with the team not described. Can we share this technique?”

Absolutely! Your insights and contributions make our documentation an even more robust resource for all users. Real-world application is what we’re aiming for, so sharing this as documentation or within the community will be of immense value.

  1. Tutorials:

“I’ve learned so much about Speckle. I’ve been trying to train my team.”

By sharing your unique Speckle experiences through tutorials and guides, you help others navigate their Speckle journey more confidently. We welcome any improvements to our materials and would love to publish community tutorials.

  1. Testing & Feedback:

“Speckle is ten times faster than the old tool we tried, but I wish it could do this one thing…”

Your candid feedback is crucial for Speckle’s continuous refinement. It helps us create a tool that serves your needs more effectively.

  1. Community Engagement:

“I enjoy reading the discussions in the forum, I should engage more often.”

Your voice, your insights, and your active engagement contribute to the richness of our community, inspiring us all.

  1. Design and UX Feedback:

“I have a few ideas to make Speckle’s interface more intuitive…”

Your suggestions help us evolve Speckle’s user experience, making it more intuitive and enjoyable for everyone. ✨ Let's Talk About Design

  1. Example Models:

“My latest project with Speckle turned out great. I should share the model.”

We love seeing your projects! When you share example models – whether they’re real-world or hypothetical, large or small – it inspires others and showcases Speckle’s diverse applications. And of course, we will always credit you for your contributions.

  1. Advocacy:

“I’ve been telling my colleagues about how Speckle has accelerated my projects.”

By spreading the word about Speckle, you help us reach more people and welcome fresh perspectives into our community. For those keen to advocate for Speckle, we’ve prepared resources, including slide decks, to assist you in introducing others to its transformative power.

  1. Share Your Wins:

“The latest release solved my problem. I now save hours of my week.”

Your success stories, no matter how big or small, fuel our collective motivation and highlight the practical benefits of using Speckle. We want to publish more examples of how Speckle has helped you succeed for others to learn.

Remember, every single one of you, with your unique skills, experiences, and perspectives, is a crucial partner in our shared journey. You’re not just awesome users of Speckle but invaluable contributors to our community.

Thank you for your unwavering support, enthusiasm, and dedication. Together, we continue to shape, enhance, and expand the Speckle community.

P.S. For those of you who are comfortable with code, don’t forget we always warmly welcome code contributions! Whether it’s bug fixes, feature enhancements, or entirely new Connectors, your coding skills can make a significant impact on Speckle’s evolution. Check out our repos here: GitHub - specklesystems/speckle-server: The Speckle Server, Frontend, 3D Viewer, & other JS utilities.


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