More advanced control for Color Filters in Viewer

Hello dear Specklers,

when using color filters there are cases where you want to have the mode to color everything. In the majority of cases we for example want to see the full geometry and only some elements colored.

we have a regular building … we want to see the approval status of MEP openings … the blueish cubes in the slab. The approval status is assigned in this case to elements of the category generic model

By hitting your colour filters … they would act strong and only show elements of the generic model and colour those objects depending on the parameter value.

In this case, we want to see all categories and only have the generic model objects colour.

As the colouring happens arbitrarily it would be nice to modify the coloring later on to have it according to use cases.
Say parameter value
approval status = yes → Color green
approval status = no → Color red
approval status = new → Color yellow

Wish/Idea #1: Finer control for the color filter mode with regard to elements
Wish/idea #2: Finer control for the color filter → Users can modify colors in the posterior

Ideally would be a control like the Smartviews of BIMcollab Zoom. In case you want to know more, come back to me anytime.


FE2 team hears you loudly and clearly!


In addition to more control over categorical filters, it would also be very useful to have more over:

  • I liked Alex’ suggestion of “shuffle mode”. I guess this could be achieved by allowing the user to apply a categorical filter to numerical values.
  • Similarly, but in reverse, it would be handy if it were possible to make Speckle try to convert strings to numbers and apply a range filter. This would be very useful for Rhino userStrings:

    Viewer - Try stuff - Speckle
    (Off-topic Q: Is there a way to send a link to a view incl. camera angle and applied filters in FE2?)
  • I’d like to be able to change the color map. It’d be useful to be able to choose perceptually uniform sequential and diverging colormaps.
  • Apply a log-scale to the range filter:

    The values here represent the Young’s modulus of soils, weathered rock and the bedrock, which ranges from 6 MPa to 5 GPa, therefore a linear color scale doesn’t give much information, because it now appears that there are only 2 values, wheres it should have many different colors:

    (soil & rock types displayed here)
    (sorry can’t share the stream link to this model)

Not at the moment since we moved away from storing everything in the URL. But we have another solution in mind where you can save views of your model incl. the camera angle, applied filters etc. etc. and these saved views will be shareable and probably even embeddable.