Model names are required to be lowercase

Is there a technical reason that Speckle only allows for lowercase names for Models? This is causing some issues with our naming conventions as we use CamelCaps.

If this is a setting we can change in our server instance, that would be helpful.


Related to this, we also want to sort the Scene Explorer view alphabetically. See the screenshot attached. This makes it confusing when you have nested models.

Thank you Speckle team! We are loving the new front end.

As far as I can tell there is no strict technical reason other than following conventions when Branches were all in the URL.

In FE2 you’ll see that Models are referenced by id for a number of beneficial reasons so this convention needn’t be followed now?? I’ll have to cross-check with the team on this to be 100% sure. Let me get back to you.

This isn’t a requirement I have heard before!

But I totally get it, I can definitely raise this with the FE2 design team. We have quite a few improvements coming down the pipe in the new year that are around sorting, lists and working on intuitive layouts in general so this fits that description.

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Welcome to Speckle @nmered btw - nice to see you here !

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Thanks for the quick reply on these. We are really loving the platform so far. Looking forward to connecting with you guys in January on a call.

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