Missing family properties after Revit Export


I’m writing a little python script to query a Speckle database and I am struggling to locate some values such as wall thickness.

My model was exported form REVIT using the standard connector and includes everything as its selection. What I am specifically looking for is the wall thickness and volume. Although the volume I might calculate from the mesh that is exported. But the wall width I would have expected to be a parameter. Either on the wall object or on the family that the wall is referencing.

So far I can find the family name on the wall object but no further family objects. Am I looking in the wrong place? Did I forget to export something/change some setting or is this information not supposed to be exported.

As a side note: I was also not able to locate any geometric information such as anker points for the baseline of the wall apart form the mesh that is used in the viewport. So technically I don’t think I have enough information to reconstruct the wall if I wanted to, which might explain why I am also not able to import the model back into Revit from Speckle.


What other family objects where you expecting? Theoretically any in place families, like windows and doors, should be under elements prop.

Theoretically the wall should have a baseline in there!

(from here: Speckle)

Let us know if stuff is not in the correct place - maybe share the offending wall with us!

Well I am looking for the wall width/thickness and since I could not find it under the parameters and only what to me looked like instance parameters my assumption was that family/type parameters might have been stored in a separate family object to reduce duplication. So I was looking for a family object that would match the value in the “family” parameter of the wall object.

This is how mine looks:

What I’ll try is to use the other exporter form Revit (Not the new UI one that is in Alpha) and see if that gives me any other results but so far the old one seems to keep crashing on me. :confused:

We’re now outside of my comfort zone :slight_smile: I’ll defer to @teocomi on this one…

Hi @mephisto !

We’re actually sending both the instance and type parameters with each element. I did a quick test and could find the thickness under WALL_ATTR_WIDTH_PARAM:

If you can’t find it, I’d be happy to investigate looking at your stream/model.

If instead, you just want the thickness and don;t care about the geometry you can send only the families and type using the project info filter:


I managed to get my hands on another project and I think there is something wrong with the wall family in the first one. Since with the new one it seems to be working fine.
Also in the old one I don’t have the structure property to adjust the wall thickness inside Revit to start with.