Missing elements in the 3D viewer in PBI for a Revit model

Hello everyone,

I just started to use Speckle in order to create quality control Dashboard for my Revit models.

I followed the steps shown in tutorials videos but i have noticed some missing elements on differents steps of the process which of course can be due to my lack of experience :sweat_smile:

  • Sending a model using Selection/View/Filters and Worksets tools are uncomplete on Speckle web page and then in PBI as well.“Everything” works better with less missing elements.

  • Also, without any changes of the data in Power Query, some elements disapear in the 3D Viewer within PBI.

-Last point is that when i disable every filters in order to get back to the General view with everything, it doesn’t refresh and stays on a view with previous filters settings. It changes only using filters again so it’s impossible to get back to the default view after using filters.

Does anyone already noticed one of the issue listed above ? If yes i’ll be really grateful for some help !

Link : Speckle

Thanks in advance to the community :slight_smile:

Can you identify which elements are missing? It isn’t super clear from the screenshots.

After the Send has been completed, is the Log reporting certain elements not converted?

Hello @jonathon,

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

It’s random elements like cables, fences, electrical components, ect…

Ex :

An you are right i thinks these missing elements have failed to convert. Is there something to do to fix it ?

Could it be a limit of objects supported by Speckle or PBI maybe ?

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The non-conversion is on the Revit Connector, not PowerBI.

If you are not seeing elements in the PowerBI viewer that you do see online or in your data viewer, that is a separate issue - let’s deal with the conversions first.

I will check with the Engineering team about the specific error warning we see there around Phases and if this is a User fixable correction by changing active phases - for example.

Someone will report back as soon as they can.


I’ll wait no worries !
Thanks for considerating it