Merging Many Branches in Speckle


I would like to ask about the ability to merge two or more files in one branch of Speckle.
Lest say I have 4 Parts of big Project and I want to show it as one part in Speckle.

How can we do this?

Many Thanks…

What did you consider as a use case for merging models @_Ahmed_Fuqaha?

There are a few possibilities open to you.

If it is just a matter of displaying models together, if they are part of the same Project Stream, in the UI you can add multiple versions in the viewer at the same time. Our next-generation front end, currently in alpha, makes this even easier. These are consequently dynamic and non-permanent aggregations and not merges.

Overlaying multiple models in Frontend 1

Viewing two models simultaneously in Frontend 2

Beyond that, I have posted a few tutorials on achieving this programmatically to make the merge permanent.

In many cases, it may not be necessary to merge everything; in PowerBI, for example, it is possible to make two separate model queries and perform the “merge” there as a UNION JOIN at the data level.

In Speckle, there is no feature currently to perform this merge as a UI button, say.

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