Material schedule


im trying to update schedules from Excel to Revit. So far so good. However, it doesn’t seems to work with Material schedules, no mather how i set the range (with or without headers).

is there something i’ve been missing? thanks

Are you able to give an example of what you are scheduling and the types of parameters?

Sharing example streams or files always helps us diagnose if there is a problem or if we need to give better instructions.


here is the stream :

i dont see the change i made in Revit. any of the parameters.

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Hey @YienChao thanks for sharing this, I don’t think the current tool has been tested with material schedules - they might behave differently than element schedules.

I’ve added this to our backlog and we’ll get to it sometime soon!

Thanks for the feedback

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keep in touch then. i will be the first to try :slight_smile: