Material doesnt export from blender

Hello everyone, I am trying to load an ifc model into unreal engine via blender. when exporting from blender, however, the materials do not come along, in other words I just have white elements when I import the model into unreal engine. on the speckle platform where the projects are stored, there are no materials either.
Would be really cool if someone could help me :grin:

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Hey bob,

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This is not expected. Can you share the Speckle Model URL so we can investigate?

Hey @bob_hg ,

Thanks for sharing the Speckle Model URL in DM. I can see materials being created in Blender.

Materials don’t have base color and other properties set. It seems that the issue you’re experiencing is related to the IFC conversion process and not the Blender connector. To help you better, can you please share the IFC file with me via direct message? This way, I can check the expected colors for those materials and help you resolve the issue.

Thank you!

Hi thanks, I cant sen dyou the IFC file because its to big but I have another question, you are right it seems like the IFC conversion was the problem but I have a few colors in blender which also vanish when i export them with speckle

after the speckle export everything turns white, is this normal?
But I will definitly check the IFC conversion

Hey @bob_hg,

Just to clarify, applied materials in Blender disappear when you send to Speckle. Is this the case? If that’s the case, it is most definitely not the expected behaviour. Could you please provide a screen recording demonstrating the issue?

Hey @gokermu ,
I tried it with a new ifc file, just created the same again and this time it worked, so I think it was an issue with the previous ifc file, thanks for your help


Thanks for the update @bob_hg that is actually useful to know. Blender has several definitions for what materials are. It might be helpful if you could share a snippet of the file that worked and a snippet of what didn’t - we can check if the Material type of the non-working file is supported.