Mapping SpeckleLine Linetypes to Revit Linetypes with SpecklePy

We’re currently exploring the capabilities of SpecklePy within our (GitHub - 3BMLabs/ Python Library for creating buildings, building systems, objects, and exporting to various programs like Blender, Revit, Speckle.) environment, particularly for GIS purposes. One specific challenge we’re facing is mapping a certain linetype of a SpeckleLine to a corresponding Revit linetype, intended for GIS applications.

Is it possible to achieve this linetype mapping using SpecklePy? We’re aiming to import a CityJSON file into GIS2BIM using SpecklePy, and we’re keen to ensure that cadastral parcels created with SpecklePy are placed in specific layers recognizable by Revit.

Below is an example of the import process of a CityJSON file using SpecklePy in GIS2BIM. We’re planning to write some posts about this in the coming month to provide extra PR for SpecklePy.

Revit GIS data using GIS2BIM:

Revit exchange to Speckle:

Any insights, code examples, or suggestions on how to accomplish this linetype mapping would be greatly appreciated!

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I am unsure if this is supported. I will check and report back.

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