Mapping Civil3D solids to Revit Floors

I’m trying to develop a workflow to implement Civil 3D in harmony with Revit.
Therefore, I´ll need to create a way to parameterize the 3D solids, exposed from civil 3. Then, I would need to import the .dwg with the solids, and make them become “Floor” in Revit, after that I would be able to apply my internal parameters.
Does anyone know how I can do this?

Hey @Diogo_Costa, great to see you here.

We especially love hearing from Civil Engineering right now as we are preparing a future development release that throws some Connector team love at you all.

There are a few details I’d like to tease out about this workflow, and I’m sure that a solid combination of Civil3d, Speckle and maybe a dash of either dynamo or background automation would go a long way to solve what you are looking for.

I’ll refer to my colleague @Pavol who would love to hear more about the use-case.

Hey @Diogo_Costa ,

I am also a civil engineer so I am just replying to see if I can use some of the workflows here (also struggling with solid conversion C3D>RVT).
Can you explain a little more what you try to achieve? I have tried this method before and it is hard to analyze as solids can become very complex.
Is your solid extracted from a surface? then maybe it makes more sense to convert the actual surface to a floor?