Manually Installing QGIS missing dependencies

Hello. I’m having trouble installing the Speckle plugin for QGIS. I’ve attempted the solutions that you’ve previously posted, including following the video explaining how to install directly from the repository.

The message in QGIS is this:
Python error : Couldn’t load plugin ‘speckle-qgis’ due to an error when calling its classFactory() method See message log (Python Error) for more details.

And the Python error is this:
2024-04-16T23:55:42 CRITICAL Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\PROGRA~1/QGIS33~1.1/apps/qgis/./python\qgis\”, line 426, in startPlugin
plugins[packageName] = package.classFactory(iface)
File "C:\Users/Alex/AppData/Roaming/QGIS/QGIS3\profiles\default/python/plugins\speckle-qgis_init
.py", line 30, in classFactory
File “C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\QGIS\QGIS3\profiles\default\python\plugins\speckle-qgis\plugin_utils\”, line 231, in ensure_dependencies
File “C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\QGIS\QGIS3\profiles\default\python\plugins\speckle-qgis\plugin_utils\”, line 209, in install_dependencies
File “C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\QGIS\QGIS3\profiles\default\python\plugins\speckle-qgis\plugin_utils\”, line 202, in install_requirements
raise Exception(m)
Exception: Failed to install dependenices through pip, got 3221225786 as return code.

Should I re-attempt or is there some new way of dealing with this which I’m not aware of?


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Hi Alex, here is the solution for the similar issue you’re having: QGIS installation issue: "got 3221225786 as return code"

Seems to have worked. Just need to update dependencies. Thanks.

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