Main Branch and other branch glitches

I had an issue with creating branches in the Revit connector. It would show up but when I tried to push Revit model content to it, the commit would fail. I would then go to the web browser and delete the branch and re-create it there and it would work.

Sometimes when I created a new branch this would happen and then it also happened randomly re my main branch:

That day the main branch just disappeared. A few days later after logging in, it reappeared.

Just a heads up! If anyone has had a similar issue or knows why this would happen, let me know

Hi @TanyaC! Something is very weird, as… you can’t delete the main branch! This is hard coded and safeguarded for in quite a few places. I actually went and tried to, and then double-checked our code - had a mini heart attack ❤️‍🩹

Going by the screenshot - a bit of image archeology - I think you’re on a server that is rather old, and not our global availability one. Did this happen on too?