Looking for help: Speckle's implementation capabilities for architecture and engineering

Hello there, I’m a student who is exploring the implementation possibilities of Speckle as part of my graduation project. I am currently interning with an architecture and engineering company that is interested in understanding how Speckle can improve their processes.

Specifically, I am focusing on three aspects:

  1. Communication and data exchange with external parties such as machine builders and structural engineers.

  2. Data exchange between ArchiCAD and Excel for creating cost estimates.

  3. Data exchange between Blender and ArchiCAD in the design process.

With the large amount of information available, I am unsure where to begin. Could anyone suggest the best starting point, or perhaps recommend any useful resources or posts that could assist me in this project?


I’d start with the SpeckleCon day 1 sessions as this is the real-world sharing by Speckle-using organisations:


We don’t have much tutorial material to share regarding the ArchiCAD questions precisely, but we will be looking to do so in the near future on exactly the lines you point out. So, apologies for the current deficit concerning your studies, but watch this space.

To Speckle is to share, so if you generate some insights, we’d love to celebrate that success and publish what you discover in the community.

Perhaps our friends at Link Arkitektur @Andrei @Sonderwoods and @mephisto have some insights they might share?

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