Live 3D Comments for Distributed Real Time Reviews

Real time comments for 3D have arrived! No more wasting time sharing huge files - just send a teammate a link and you’re ready to review your model together. Why give them a try?

By default, comments keep track of your current view as well as any other filters or sections you may have at the time of creation. You'll get visual notifications in the viewer when a new comment is created or when a reply is added to an existing thread!

There's a few reasons:

  • meaningful engagement: no more sitting in meetings to rotate 3d models.
  • no more screenshots: send and receive feedback straight on top of models, where you have the full context at your fingertips!
  • sync or async: review designs on your own time or in real time & save hours from meetings!

::: tip Sync or Async Reviews

Comments, coupled with the live session information on who's viewing your model, can make for great distributed live review sessions within the full context of your model!


Distributed Real Time Reviews

Alongside comments, you can now track in real time who else is engaging with your model. You can actually see what they select - useful for situations like "This window is the wrong type!" - as well as what they filter and section.

::: tip Sharing Views In Real Time

Simply click on a user's avatar to restore their exact point of view!



Speckle keeps track of the camera view, any applied filters as well as any section box (if present). When viewing a comment, these view settings are re-applied.

Anyone with at least a reviewer role in a stream can comment.

If you want to get feedback from people outside your team, simply turn on the "Allow Public Comments" setting in the stream's settings page.

Of course! Just click the friendly blue button in the bottom viewer controls bar!

Are links supported?

Yes! Links within a paragraph will automatically be made clickable. If you just create a reply with a single link, it will be displayed in a special preview.

Emojis support?

You bet. Starting a comment thread with an emoji will use that emoji as it's icon. It's useful to flag issues, or simply express yourself more!

Threads that had recent activity are highlighted in blue! You can also use the sidebar to filter just the unread comments.

Yes, you can! Comments are automatically associated with any relevant resources, such as commits, objects, as well as your current selection.

Note, if you view a comment outside its complete context, it will display a warning at the top of the thread prompting you to load all required resources.

Yes, just mark them as archived! A stream owner or the author can do this.

Soon! We’re planning an issue management system for Speckle - comments are a first step in that direction.

Can I tag people?

Unfortunately, not yet - but soon enough, yes!

Anyone who has access to a stream can see those comments.

Yes they are! See this hackathon entry to see how you can scaffold an issue management system using Notion & Speckle.

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Hi, can users also edit the geometry in this environment?

Hi @pkoncz, not really. Editing is a wee bit of a holy grail, and doing this in the browser is super difficult, as there’s many unresolved questions - but you can help us out a bit.

What kind of editing would you want to do? Would it be simple transformations like moving, scaling, rotating?

PS: welcome to Speckle! Feel free to introduce yourself if you want to.

Hi @dimitrie , I am an architect and by editing I meant designing a project together. More complex editing than scaling or moving. For example, building a whole building collaboratively. I understand that it’s a challenge, that is why I asked! :slight_smile: it’s the holy grail indeed

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I understand. Never say never, but for now our aim is to make 3D data accessible outside of existing authoring tools, as, even though there’s plenty of things to complain about, they’re still best at what they do!

(note: as a former architect myself, I have a lot of things to complain about regarding existing authoring tools…)


You could join the rest of us and join the waitlist for :smiley:


Hey thanks! Definitely come check out what we’re up to at Arcol. We’re building a collaborative 3D building design and documentation tool that runs in your browser.

We believe the future of building design should be incredibly collaborative and browser based.



Maybe a glitch, but the comment archival UI Button seems a little hard to spot / inconsistent.

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Yep, agreed. I could say we’re gonna look into this and try and fix it, etc. etc. (we will!), but in the meantime - we’re hiring :wink: to make responding and acting on this feedback sustainably (and possibly prevent it in the first place!)

(sorry to hijack your legit feedback @jonathon into a hiring announcement :grimacing: )

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Hi! @dimitrie ,is it possible to add Comments automatically using some script?

It’s possible using specklepy or use the combination of GraphQL and REST

Some discussions in the below thread

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