Linked Model Send Error

Good Morning,

I am trying to send some linked model elements from a view to the Speckle viewer, but when I select the checkbox to “Send Linked Models” and try to send the view, this error gets thrown:


Method GetSelectionFilterObjects threw an error of type Autodesk.Revit.Exceptions.ArgumentException. Reason: viewId is not a view.
Parameter name: viewId

Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Hey Bowen, this is a known issue we’re addressing in the coming release.

Quick question for you:

When sending linked models from a view, what is the desired outcome? Are you filtering in/out specific model categories or entire Linked models maybe?

I am filtering out by phases. In this instance, I only want to show the completed phase


The good news is that this will work if you are on Revit 2024 (or higher), the bad news is that in older versions there is no way from the API to get the visibility of objects inside linked models.

I found here a hacky solution, that we might try at some point, but it doesn’t seem to be 100% safe, as it requires unloading linked models, adding a clone of the current view, and reloading them (and ofc undoing the changes), which seems a bit risky.

Cc @Pavol

@bowen_utahbim I also just realized that for your specifc use case, you can actually use a Filter selection filter, and have that get only the phase you’re interested in:

@teocomi I will have to give that a try! But you are saying that in 2024 onward, it should work fine?

Yes, but please note that this feature will included in the coming 2.16 release (due approx 2-3 weeks from now).