LINK IO Open-Sources Speckle LCA App

Hey Speckle community!

We (LINK IO) have decided to make our Speckle LCA APP available as open source and we are encouraging others to contribute towards enhancing the integration with the new LCA Byg web API.

The app consists of 3 parts. 1. a Speckle connection 2. material mapper 3. display of results
The App can potentially connect to any web API with a material database and LCA calculation core. So far it has been tested with OneClickLCA and LCAbyg and our idea is to improve the the connection to LCAbyg in the first place.

We’d like to invite anyone interested in the project to join us for a short online meeting about its future development. We’re excited to see what the community can bring to the table, and we believe that by collaborating, we can create something truly remarkable.

Wednesday the 29th of March at 15.30. (Copenhagen time)
[You can sign up for the meeting her:]




Let us know how/if we can cross-promote this. :speckle:


hi jonathon,
yes please promote it anyhow :wink:

Hey Jan! Thanks for sharing this; it sounds like a fantastic initiative. I registered for the meeting in 2 days, is there anything (i.e. link to the app or image) I can use to share on social or should we wait till after the meeting?


Fantastic :slight_smile: I have attached an image and put in a link to a website the app can be tested.

Thank you very much!


This is great thank you Jan! See you on Wednesday


Hi again,
We had a great startup / kickoff meeting today and have set up a Slack Workspace for the project.
You can join here if you’re interested

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