Latest RC 2.14 Revit connector missing/different roof windows

Hi all!
I have been testing the latest revit connector version 2.14 -rc8 and I am experiencing some issues with the windows.

  • On I am not able to see some of my windows. This are particularly windows placed on a curtain roof and the window.

  • The windows that I am able to see are received as separate meshes (this might be related to Why Revit objects are transformed into Mesh objects - #5 by dimitrie )

  • I can find the missing windows on the pushed object via graphql, If I query for Category windows and ignore the family symbols. My query:

  "myQuery": [
      "field": "category",
      "value": "Windows",
      "operator": "="
      "field": "speckle_type",
      "value": "Objects.BuiltElements.Revit.RevitElementType:Objects.BuiltElements.Revit.RevitSymbolElementType",
      "operator": "!="


but they have different speckle types. Here is an snippet from the graphql response for two windows.

              "data": {
                "speckle_type": "Objects.Other.Revit.RevitInstance",
                "family": null,
                "id": "1c3d6ed676e16351b3ee84da67b814f1"
              "data": {
                "speckle_type": "Objects.BuiltElements.Revit.FamilyInstance",
                "family": "DF_1-flg_DK",
                "id": "247ad8c2dfbd5614c9470be881165b6b"

The window identified as Objects.BuiltElements.Revit.FamilyInstance is the window placed on the roof.

I hope this makes sense. Happy to provide more information :slight_smile: Thank you for reading!

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Also, worth mentioning but maybe unrelated, when the object is pushed from connector version 2.13 I can see the roof windows on but I cannot find them them via graphql.

Thanks for the report @andrsbtrg - especially as you caught a potential issue before it made it into the mainline release.

For us to look into it, could you please share a sample Revit file? Feel free to send it via DM if needed.

Hi @teocomi thank you. I will send you a DM shortly :slight_smile:

Hi @andrsbtrg ! The viewer on xyz will be updated today, and that should fix your window display issues :slight_smile:

We’ve implemented a new RevitInstance class as you noticed, which captures some family instances as proper instances with transforms, and the changes to display them properly on will be reflected soon.

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thats awesome @clrkng ! thanks a lot! I will test that tomorrow or as soon as it’s live and will give some feedback. :slight_smile:

Regarding what you said about the family instance class, could you explain a bit more on which cases the revit connector converts to a RevitInstance and when a FamilyInstance ?

This would be veryuseful to understand how to query them and also I could give feedback to how we are modelling the windows depending on which on which parameters are available on each class.


Currently, most point-based family instances without a direct conversion are converted as RevitInstance objects. There are two types of exceptions to this, which are converted as the old FamilyInstance class, due to some failures to retrieve the correct transform from the revit api:

  1. Structural foundation elements
  2. Face-hosted generic model elements

We will most likely try to convert these as RevitInstance in the future, when we improve how the revit connector handles face-hosted elements in general.