Karamba3D connectivity to speckle

Hi, I have a karamba3d model in grasshopper and i am attempting to send to speckle, however everytime the model appears for a brief second then dissappear and i get the error “no displayble objects found in object”

Hey @yousef_algohary, sorry this is not a great first Speckle experience.

Can you share the stream and the grasshopper definition with us? (You can do so as a private message to me)

When you say the model appears and disappears, do you see the complete 3d set of objects you sent or something else before it disappears?

On top of what Jonathon said, I’m afraid Karamba objects are not supported in Speckle, we currently support only Grasshopper and Rhino native ones.
It is possible to make Karamba objects Speckle-compatible, but this needs to ideally come from their developers :slight_smile:

Hi @yousef_algohary and @teocomi just to aid this discussion we have been using speckle for handling Karamba models. Karamba models (without results) can be converted to/from .json or .bson using components within the Karamba plugin itself. We tend to send this data alongside a mesh view of the model.



Awesome contribution @jjsolly