Java SDK for integration with Speckle

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find any Speckle SDK based on Java language. Please share if you know anything about it.

Hey @KukolevAA welcome to our community!

We’re not aware of any Java SDK being developed, but in case you decided to go in that direction, you should be able to get inspiration from the C# one.

I’m also curious, what are you planning to build?

Hi Matteo,

Thanks a lot for you answer. I had such understanding but I decided to ask my silly question :slight_smile:

Details of my solution are under NDA, but simply it’s some service that helps to analyze and automate architectural documentation processing:

  1. Receive webhook from Speckle with commit details (<-- I’m here)
  2. Get all commited objects
  3. Do something useful

If you can follow the logic of the C# Connectors flow, then translating to Java should be straightforward.

You won’t be able to utilise the various helper wrapper functions, but the generic REST with GraphQL solutions should be, I’m sure, supported with something in the Java ecosystem.

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